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One of the biggest challenges people with learning disabilities face is that they look like everyone else.  Sadly, they are misunderstood simply because their brains are wired differently, causing them to learn in other ways.  Shockingly, individuals with learning disabilities  are often labelled as slow learners, lazy, and even 'stupid'. And yet, Individuals impacted by learning disabilities have average to superior intelligence.  Bill Gates and Steven Spielberg both have learning disabilities.  What if they had never reached their potential?  Imagine your world without Microsoft or Indiana Jones.

Dyscalculia is a math learning disorder that makes mathematical reasoning and computation difficult, in spite of average or greater intelligence, and proper motivation.  It appears as poor memory for numbers, time, sequences, directions, layouts, and visual-spatial information. For people with dyscalculia, performing number-related tasks produces mental confusion, anxiety, and distress.  Dyscalculics often display a lack of academic progress in mathematics, accompanied by average or advanced skills in speech, reading, writing, and other areas.  Help us build our math tutoring to ensure that these learners receive the supports they need because everyone has the right to learn and the power to achieve!


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