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One high school School Council tells an important story:

With COVID-19 rules, sports have basically been cancelled in our district. Parents at our high school School Council have discussed the negative impact on students every month at our meetings. Our principal agrees and has been advocating to our division office, too. Our CoSC representative has also brought it up at our CoSC meetings. We just found out at our last school council meeting that the school gets to offer a curriculum based sports option which will follow all the guidelines but will give students the opportunity to be active. Our School Council absolutely made a difference for our students! 

Parents are concerned about the education of children, and their concerns need to be heard!

Parent engagement is proven to increase student success, and it is through collaboration and strong school communities, with school councils at the core, that every child can succeed.

School councils are the legal avenue for parents to advise the Principal and the School Board on matters relating to the school, and positively impact student learning.

Alberta School Councils’ Association (ASCA) is the provincial organization representing parents on school councils in Alberta, advising the Education Ministry and positively impacting student success.

ASCA also provides support and resources, knowledge and skill development, communications and training workshops, to enhance meaningful parent contribution and participation in school councils across the province.

As a not for profit, for impact, organization, ASCA needs your help with donations to continue to ensure parents have a voice at their school and school division, and that school councils’ concerns are heard by the Education Minister.


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