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Over the past year, the mental health of each-and-every one of us, has been challenged.

The Problem

Our ability to touch, feel and  connect have been muted for over a year thanks to measures put in place through the pandemic. With those crucial forms of socialization still off limits, children’s mental  health therapists and counsellors are looking at new ways to work with some of their youngest clients.

Over the past 14+ months, we have seen more cases of kids who are struggling with Anxiety.

We asked them about what concerns them, and this is what they told us.

They are worried more about death and dying, they think more about self-harm and suicide, they lack the motivation to do anything. They find online learning difficult and fear they will fall behind in school, in many cases  their  grades have fallen. They are sleep deprived, are clashing more with their parents and siblings, and  finally, many are abusing drugs, and making other unhealthy and dangerous choices. 

In short, kids have lost their balance.

The Solution

The great news, is that there is a solution. But we need your help.

You can make an immediate difference for kids who are struggling with Anxiety.

We have found a new way to allow therapists and kids to connect and engage safely and effectively.

And we are calling in a very special blue friend to help.

Meet our Very Hungry Worry Monster 

This cute, blue, plush toy is very hungry and eats worries for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between. Kids at Pathstone who are struggling with Anxiety will get one of their own t o keep. They can write down their worries with help if needed, put them in the  Worry Monster’s mouth and zip it shut!

When kids come to visit their Pathstone, they will bring their Very Hungry Worry Monster along and share their worries inside. It allows our team to  connect with their  client in a safe way, and gives kids an opportunity to put their worries in their monster, as soon as they have them.

How You can Help


Puts a Very Hungry Worry Monster in the hands of a child in need.


Provides a Very Hungry Worry Monster + Counselling Session for a child in need.


Provides a Very Hungry Worry Monster + Counselling Session for a child in need + Parenting workshop.




OR... MY Choice!

Pathstone offers a number of programs and services to children and their families who are struggling with mental health all across Niagara.

You can support our most urgent needs by making a donation of any amount.

Every donation makes an impact and is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!




At Pathstone, our mission is to provide mental health support to children in Niagara from the start of their life up to age 18.



Is to ensure  NO child  in Niagara waits for mental health support.  As a result,  our Immediate Service Program offers three ways for kids and families to get the help they need. Crisis & Support can be reached 24/7 by calling 1-800-263-4944. In-Person or Video Walk-In Clinics operate Monday-Friday across the Region of Niagara. More info can be found at www.pathstonementalhealth.ca/walk-in-clinic/


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