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Mental health care for your child today prepares them for tomorrow

Providing quality health care for children in Niagara for over 50 years.

Pathstone making a difference in children’s lives 

It can be frustrating when your child is struggling with a mental health issue or may be in crisis and you don’t know where to go for help.


We believe you should be able to take care of your child and it shouldn’t be so hard to get them treatment for a mental health problem. Pathstone has been providing world class mental health services for children for over 50 years.


Nothing is more important than your child’s health and you need a safe place where your child will be heard and get the treatment they need.


We understand that you and your child may be nervous, not knowing what to expect, so we make sure we’re kid friendly from the time you walk in the front door. It’s hard sometimes to know what’s happening and it can take a toll on the family so we consider family members a part of the Pathstone team.

Welcome to Pathstone’s NEW POP-Up Project Series.

We are a children’s mental health organization, serving the entire region of Niagara.


Through the pandemic, more kids are visiting us with heightened Anxiety and Depression. They are feeling the effects of online learning and the fear of falling behind. They feel isolated, and are missing their social time with friends and family, as well as their extra-curricular activities.


As a result, our Immediate Services Team are ready to support kids in three ways.

  • Over the phone, our 24/7 Crisis & Support line can be reached by calling 1-800-263-4944.
  • In-person, by visiting ANY of our eight walk-in clinics located across Niagara. Monday – Friday.
  • Via Video, Monday-Friday.

*All offer immediate access to mental health support to those aged 18 and under. More info on these services are at

On this page,

  • You will learn more about the work we are doing with kids struggling with their mental health.
  • You will hear from kids and their therapists themselves, sharing what life has been like for them.
  • Is also, where you can find out about projects we want to bring to life, but can only do, with YOUR help.

Join our  Pathstone POP-Up Project!

It's easy as 1, 2, 3...

  • CLICK this link
  • DONATE,  and put a Very Hungry Worry Monster into the hands of a child struggling with Anxiety.
  • BE AWESOME,  there is no other way to describe you! Thanks for being awesome to a Pathstone kid today.

The biggest compliment you can give us, aside from a donation to a POP-Up Project, is to SHARE our projects with others, making you a Pathstone influencer!


Thanks for taking the time to find out more about us.



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