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Finn is a 2 year old male who was abandoned in Cairo, Egypt. There’re so many Goldens in Middle East that have been abused, neglected and abandoned. Thanks to the wonderful volunteers who care, feed, medicate and provide shelter to those Goldens like Finn. Thanks to Golden Rescue! 


I’ve been very excited for Finn’s arrival on Sunday, November 22 at Pearson Airport. Since I’ve lost my 14 years old Nala 4 years ago, our home wasn’t the same without Golden love, smile and wagging tail. A few months ago I’ve applied to Golden Rescue to adopt. Every passing day I had awaited that one phone call “ we have a Golden for you”. Surely enough, Cheryl-Anne was the one to deliver the most wonderful news to me about Finn’s arrival and need for a forever family. I was there for him in a heartbeat! 


Finn is a very sweet, kind, loving boy ❤️. He’s curious about his new surroundings  He observes dogs and people passing by on our walks, yet he isn’t a big fun of the cold, windy weather, which I absolutely understand . He likes having his belly gently petted. Finn still naps quite a bit and works on gaining his appetite. He’s a very handsome boy. Once he’ll recuperate from the long travel, gain a bit more strength and will get adjusted to Canadian life, he’ll be a heartbreaker to four and two legged ladies , lol   

I’ll keep you posted on Finn’s journey.  Please donate to help Finn and others like him have a second chance.  

About Golden Rescue

Golden Rescue has really opened my eyes to a big problem.  

There are so many dogs being neglected, abused and abandoned.  Because Golden Retrievers are such a lovable breed, they often get overbred and owners who wanted that cute puppy, often can't handle the care they need as they grow or they simply can't have a pet due to life changes.  And unrest in countries abroad like Turkey, Egypt and Mexico leave many goldens abandoned, in need of a new family.  

Golden Rescue gives Goldens in need a second chance.  They rescue abandoned or displaced  Goldens domestically and abroad and help them find their forever families. 

This year, more than ever before, thanks to COVID, many Canadians would LOVE to have a Golden in their family but adoption requests are way up and it can be difficult to find a dog to adopt. 

Rescues are happening right now, but there are so many more that need rescuing!

Wanna be a real hero and help your fellow Canadians out?  Make a donation today to help support this worthy cause. You'll be SO glad you did.  

Won’t you help give a Golden a second chance ? 


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